RE: [-empyre-] Re: Method Manifesto

dear ja and jsa,

I read your discussion very interestingly.

I also refer to Godel's ideas and non-Euclidean geometry sometimes, 
although these two are very different in their contents.

When I wrote "tautology in every art and every science" in the 
Methodicist Manifesto, I am considering Godel's "undecidable 
propositions" as an actual example.
(Because the understanding of the undecidable propositions is 
also related to the problem of tautologies.)
And this problem belongs to mathematics, not to art, but the 
principle is same whether it is on mathematics or on art.
That is maybe the difference bewteen method art and the past 
formalistic art, whidh prohibited to talk about the other genres.
Yes, talking about method art would be tolerate to talk about 
mathematics in this meanings, because the tautology in art and 
one in mathematics are the same, reflecting the same 20th century's 
situation, the democratic system in the concrete.


Hideki Nakazawa
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