[-empyre-] Une question de niveau:.fond farewell to Tamara, Allessandro and Alan

Dear denizens of the soft-skinned space,

It's already December in the southern hemisphere. Here in the north, still
November, I gather up Neural Skeins and Digital Skins...to stash away, like
a child hiding some special toy, or, a magic box in the back of a dark
closet, to wait until another auspicious time.   Thanks to all who attempted
to play around something simultaneously so far away / so close, the matter
and metaphor of code--Jim, John, Jhave, Albert, Deborah, Yvonne, Eugenie,
David, Frank, Melinda, Marc, Ian, Andrew, Joel, Tobias and Henry...

 As we return code back into its hidden level,a 'cache' of sorts, a box of
secrets brought out in the scorpion month of November, for dangerous
enjoyments, it's wise to keep a bit of Tamara's wisdom in mind. She writes,

"une chose, un fait, peut sembler paraître manquer  de sens, et en réalité,
c'est nous qui n'avons pas le code, la syntaxe, le langage nécessaire pour
C'est aussi une question de niveau : comment une fourmi pourrait-elle savoir
ce qu'il se passe au sommet d'une montagne ?)

a thing, a fact, can seem to appear with no sense, and really, it is we who
do not have the code, the syntax, the language necessary to understand.
It is also a question of level: how an ant could know what it occurs at the
top of a mountain? "

Thanks to each of the empyrean guests this month, distinguished
artist/writer/publishers online-- Tamara Lai, Alessandro Ludovico and Alan
Sondheim.  Stay in touch with their  portals/sites/publishing at

-------------Alessandro Ludovico (Italy)

<http://www.neural.it> and <http://www.neural.it/english> in print Neural

-------------Tamara Lai (Belgium)

T-deus Pour faire un portrait de dieu



Contre la peur / Against fear

-------------------Alan Sondheim (US)

http://www.asondheim.org/ http://www.asondheim.org/portal/
Trace projects http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/writers/sondheim/index.htm

Thanks again to all.



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