Re: [-empyre-] An indecipherable communication?: Gaia and sonic topologies

For me, it's not only problematic but too much of a 'mother earth' notion
- and the rate of global extinctions etc. demands a much more militant
stance vis=a=vis biodiversity - a geopolitics, not a geomythology.

I'm not for a geomythology, too.
But if you try to consider what you don't already know, there'd be space for new meanings.
I'm often wandering about forgotten data, information that is no longer considered by systems. It still exists but it's not used.
Data depends on how you interpret it. If you read an mp3 with photoshop you'll have an abstract picture (it'd be beautiful, if you like it), and it's the same for a database played by a music software.
So, if we see at a computer network architecture in a different way, not as a network as we know it, but exchanging also different signals (as the parity bits that verifies the good trasmission, for example) we'd see it in a different view. Data considered as unimportant or forgottten (the terabytes of logs, for example) would have a hidden logic.
I'm not saying that I can prove it, or that there'd be a religious faith in a supreme mechanism.
I'm just saying that looking at data, and hardware too, in many ways, sometimes makes sense, and sometimes even create new sense or lighten new logic paths. And that's one of the many and good opportunities for interpreting technology and its impact on society and culture, in my humble opinion.

Thanks to the list administrators for the opportunity to join, and to all the contributors for the really interesting discussions during the last month.


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