[-empyre-] Reshaping the Field - Women, Art, and Technology

empyreans, this December and January brings our SSNW
SouthernSummer-NorthernWinter informal discussion series of recently
published books to enhance your holiday reading.

In December we are introducing "Women, Art, and Technology", edited by Judy
Malloy which documents women's  core contributions to art and technology
creation. Technology and art histories abound with men, and this book
redresses that balance  making  visible some the many key women who have
shaped and are reshaping the field today.

"Women, Art, and Technology",  includes overviews of the history and
foundations of the field by, among others, artists Sheila Pinkel and Kathy
Brew; classic papers by women working in art and technology; papers written
expressly for this book; and a series of forward looking critical
essays.Artist contributors include computer graphics artists Rebecca Allen
andDonna Cox; video artists Dara Birnbaum, Joan Jonas, Valerie Soe, and
Steina Vasulka; composers Cecile Le Prado, Pauline Oliveros, and Pamela Z;
interactive artists Jennifer Hall and Blyth Hazen, Agnes Hegedus, Lynn
Hershman, and Sonya Rapoport; virtual reality artists Char Davies and Brenda
Laurel; net artists Anna Couey, Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss,
Nancy Paterson, and Sandy Stone; and choreographer Dawn Stoppiello. Critics
include Margaret Morse, Jaishree Odin, Patric Prince, and Zoe Sofia.

Editor Judy Malloy will be joined through the month by Sonya Rapoport and
Anna Couey, as
well as introducing  key contributors to the text.

Welcome to -empyre- Judy

Judy Malloy
Electronic narrative pioneer Judy Malloy has been writing hypernarratives
since 1986 when she began writing Uncle Roger (a narrative of sex
and politics in Silicon Valley) in 1986 on Arts Com Electronic
Network on the WELL.  Her hyperfictions include: its name is
Penelope; (Narrabase Press, 1990; Eastgate Systems, 1993) Forward
Anywhere (with Cathy Marshall; Eastgate Systems, 1996)  l0ve0ne;
(Eastgate Web Workshop) The Roar of Destiny Emanated From the
Refrigerator; (1996-1998)  Dorothy Abrona McCrae; (2000)l A
Party in Silver Beach; (2002) and Sanctuary. (2003)

Her work has been exhibited internationally, including: The Boston
CyberArts Festival; The Eighth International Symposium of
Electronic Arts; Siggraph; Franklin Furnace; San Francisco Art
Institute; Tisch School of the Arts, New York University; A
Space, Toronto; Univ. of California, Berkeley;  Sao Paulo
Biennial, Brazil; P.P.O.W.; The Women's Studio Workshop; the San
Antonio Art Institute; The Los Angeles Institute for Contemporary
Art; and The Houston Center for Photography; Artemesia Gallery;
and Xerox PARC where she was an Artist in Residence.

She has had work published by Eastgate Systems; E.P. Dutton, Tanam
Press, St. Martin's Press, Seal Press, MIT Press, the National
Endowment for the Arts website, Springer-Verlag, Heresies; and the
Blue Moon Review. Her new work Afterwards is about to
be published by the Iowa Web Review.  She is currently the Editor of NYFA
a publication of the New York Foundation for the Arts.  She is an artist
a disability.

_Anna Couey
Anna Couey works with communication systems as social sculpture.
Her work includes telecommunications art, community networking and
information activism for social justice. From the mid-1980s to
early 1990s she participated in the development of the Art Com
Electronic Network, an international online system dedicated to
the interface of contemporary art and new communications
technologies, and Arts Wire, a U.S.-based communications system
for artists and arts organizations. Her telecommunications art
projects investigate the use of computer networks to restructure
social relationships and relationships of power between diverse
communities and cultural groups, and have been presented at the
International Symposium on Electronic Art, New York University,
SIGGRAPH and other venues. Currently, she is exploring the
interconnections between art and social action.

_Sonya Rapoport
Sonya Rapoport, since the mid-70's, has produced computer assisted
multi-media artworks and interactive installations. From 1994 until the
she has been creating artworks for the web. Her artwork references
biblical, and gender topics.

Her work reflects an ideology of transmutation trans-cultural, trans-sexual
and trans-genic. She has collaborated in art/science projects with the
Berkeley Laboratory;  Anthropology, and Plant  & Microbiology Departments at
University of California, Berkeley; and the Instituto de Agricultura
in Cordoba, Spain. International venues for viewing Rapoport's work have
been Sao Paulo, Brazil; Ars Electronica, Austria; Documenta, Kassel,
the Kuopio Museum, Finland; ISEA conferences; and traveling exhibitions
by the U.S. Information Service and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Recently she exhibited and lectured about her work at the Second
Art Biennial-Buenos Aires, Argentina. In March, 2003 Rapoport presented her
concept for communicating altruisms to extraterrestrials at the SETI
(Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) workshop in Paris.

Since 1988 Rapoport has created art projects for the Internet for which she
a California Arts Council grant for ACEN Telecommunication. Rapoport serves
on the
governing board of LEONARDO/ISAST.  Her art critiques appear in their MIT
She is a member of the Community Advisary Committee for the Berkeley Art
University of California.

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