[-empyre-] wot work are women doing now?

judy and all hi
great to have you as a guest and  sorry about my late response - im
travelling at the moment..
the historical aspect of the book is incredibly important as i see so many
histories where women are just erased..or there is  one woman reperesenetd..
i think we still need to follow the trajectory form  the 70's where womens
work from mainstream art history was uncovered, profiled and repositioned.

my new project follows along form all my other work, exploring the
sensoriality and seductiveness of technological scapes   ..its in early
conceptual development and looking for funding (aren't we all!!), and its an
immersive  3d work called "in.finite" which marries the  infinite and
spiritual with the luscious and earthy- like an exquisite Japanese
in.finite is a  multiuser  networked  based 3d scren and projected scape,
with user interaction sensor driven within a contained space so that human
movement  triggers the navigation thru the environment.. (im  toying with OS
games engine  but im not sure yet)

the  whole space is white as opposed to the black spaces that VR worlds
usually are .. so  it could be seen to be meditative, exploring the
afterlife or death,  the internal landscape , or just plain old misty
crevices in oriental valleys .. its also the energetic electronic glow or
the spark that keeps our computers running.. the potentiality of void.  i
visualise the space with soft silver and neonesque tones with  organic
translucent and permeable inhabitants
.. it is  simultaneously macrocosmic and  microbiological and visualises
concepts from quantum physics.. and i want it to give a sensory experience
of bathing in space which is what extreme whiteness does..
 immersion in Marie Antoinette's milk bath perhaps ...

it would eb great to hear what others are doing...


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