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Hi Judy and everyone,

My name is kanarinka (catherine d'ignazio offline). I'm honored to have
been invited to participate in the discussion about this book (It's en
route to me right now, but i have not actually seen it yet).

One of my most recent projects that you might be interested in is a
fluxus/yoko ono-inspired piece called "public alley 818, Boston, MA,
USA" in which people send me instruction pieces online and I enact them
in the alley behind my house -

I'm also the co-founder of the iKatun ( collective of
artists and technologists in Boston, MA.

I am very interested in dialogue regarding women and technology. Being a
professional programmer, I have tended to work mostly around male
technologists. I'm particularly interested in how one might go about
differentiating the work of men and women in technology without falling
into easy gender-specific dichotomies (as in "men do xyz and women do

Some women you might be interested in checking out for the bibliography:

Jess Loseby - - Jess and iKatun collaborated
on a project called the Digital Pocket Gallery
( She is very interested in
what she calls the "cyber-domestic aesthetic". I think that we found
common ground in our interest in the everyday. 

lia - & - Her work
consists of intriguing, abstract interfaces with sound and motion. 

Best wishes to all,

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> (some images 
>of Lygia Clark works)
> (a text by 

Thank you!

I've added this to the bibliography on the website at
(click on bibliography)

The bibliography is in progress and I am particularly looking to add
entries - women artists in this field whose work is not 
as widely known as it should be.  

Does anyone on the list have suggestions?


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