[-empyre-] doubt


Well, what I really think is strange is the almost absence of men in this
discussion. Usually they are the majority here. There is no men writing
about "Man and technology" too. What I would like to ask is: - Is it really
prudent to our gender select and show works done only by women? Will not be
better if we could write about the two genders to have a wider discussion?

I wrote a  thesis* about three brazilian women and artists ( "Four views in
search of a reader, important women, art and identity"). As I have said
before I was looking for a feminine language in works done by women. I got
this, however I done this ten years ago and stop writing about women, just
because I began to think that my way was wrong. What do you all think about

And you Judy, who answer me somedays ago:

"In the book I tried to give each artist their own voice and to represent a
multiplicity of voices -- particularly
those who helped shape the field. I wanted to set forth the evidence of the
strong and influential work
women were doing in the field, in their own words and in the words of
critics and art networkers, such
as Anna Couey."

What do you think about my doubt?

* This thesis  had its  publication approved, what did not occur because of
the high costs of it (200 pages of colorful images and lots of texts (by
Lygia Clark) and images with copyright - the women I studied are
contemporary artists, only one of them is alive nowadays). I did not get a
sponsor and I do not like to cut my work or simplfy it. So that I gave up...

Regina Célia Pinto

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