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prudent is not the word i would use, but i believe it's perfectly valid for a book to focus on work done by women, just as it's valid to select the work of artists from a particular country or in a particular medium for specific presentation, discussion or study.

whether it would be "better" to write about both genders & have a wider discussion would depend on what the actual goal of the book is, & i think in this case i'd say no, it wouldn't be better! : )

it is interesting that the men on this list have gone quiet; maybe none of them have read the book in question (but then, neither have i).

h : )

Well, what I really think is strange is the almost absence of men in this
discussion. Usually they are the majority here. There is no men writing
about "Man and technology" too. What I would like to ask is: - Is it really
prudent to our gender select and show works done only by women? Will not be
better if we could write about the two genders to have a wider discussion?

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