Re: [-empyre-] what women

Judy Malloy <> wrote:
Does anyone else on the list agree with Diana that media art is not art?

i read the post that you are commenting on here to be about the differences between venues rather than absolute categories. is this what you intended,

Diana McCarty <> (when you) wrote:
Subject: [-empyre-] what women

or did you mean that these categories where (definitively) [separate/impassable]?

i personally have just begun reading _Women, Art & Technology_ + am excited about conversations developing here onList + the paper + network bound versions of this valuable historical resource. as a resource, did you discuss the possibility of including a CD or DVD w/the publication @ some point in the process?

Judy Malloy <> wrote:
The bibliography is in progress and I am particularly looking to add entries - women artists in this field >whose work is not as widely known as it should be.

Does anyone on the list have suggestions?

in terms of these suggestions, would you prefer them onList or off? those that have been on have generated some conversation about the work but i just wanted to check before posting links.
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