Re: [-empyre-] response to Diana McCarty

Hallo, I have been lurking here & so feel awkward
about a sudden pronouncement. but here goes.

I am relieved to read Judy acknowledging Diana's point
about the work of women outside of the global north.
But I'm sorry that the other really hot and fruitful
areas Diana referred to like looking at what kind of
work is visible in the book's purview haven't been
taken up without defensiveness. They're interesting
questions, and deserve to be explored without


--- Judy Malloy <> wrote:
> Diana,
> I want to reemphasize that I do think you make a
> very good point
> that we need more coverage of the work that women
> from all countries do.
> All of us need to get the voices of women in the
> field to a wider audience.
> Most of the women in the book I put together don't
> get much coverage
> of the work they do,  and as I wrote in the book:
> "In one book and one associated website, it has been
> impossible to include 
> all the women artists who are working in new media,
> a fact that is a testament
> to our central role in this field."
> Perhaps you can write a book.  It would be very
> welcome!
> Best,
> Judy
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