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Diana McCarty <> wrote:
Thanks for encouraging the dialog. I'd prefer it if you would participate in the one we might be having. >I'm not convinced that adding links to your link list is the same thing.

yes, although the opening [entry/intro] ends w/the closing "Closure was never a goal of this piece" (Judy Malloy quoting Cathy Marshall), it is implicit that enclosures are a result of building frameworks. in terms of the connection between:

_Women, Art & Technology_
(esp. the Web-based Papers + Classic Web Works sections)
the current empyre discussion
(esp. the discussion of the [frameworks/distinctions] utilized in the book + the [references/suggestions] made towards including artists + [art/net]works)

i am personally [interested/engaged] in attempting to work [from/towards] open [systems/sources] in developing community driven [historical/discursive] resources. i am curious about the choices that were made (collaboratively[?]) during the 3 processes above. the current empyre discussion is a fairly open system, to anyOne [interested/connected]. the list of links on is less open, in that it has a singular author. _Women, Art & Technology_ is of course closed now.
my earlier question about the publication of a CD or DVD w/the book is similar to a current question i have about the list of links on why not link the specific work +/or documentation that exists online + is referenced in the [entries/essays]?

Diana McCarty <> wrote:
For me it was interesting that the book ends with Zoe Sofia's, Contested Zones: Futurity and >Technological Art, (can we post it here?)

it would be wonderful if it would be possible to post. that was the first [entry/essay] i read + was deeply [engaged/encouraged] by the txt + Zoe Sofia's on [possible/multiple] futures + [contesting/constructing] them.
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