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Judy and all,

Thanks for your  interest in my work. I will think about your proposal. I
will have to write a new text,  almost an "abstract" of my dissertation. I
do not know if it will wok. My work was done using four voices, mine and the
three artists studyed voices. I used this kind of anthropological narrative
as an attempt of getting the truth. It is a post - modern text. If I get a
good new text, I will have to translate it into English yet. I do not know
if the final result will be considered good to my standards of exigency. I
am very demanding of myself. So...I will think.

I wrote to empyre just to ask you about the problem of lauching books and
texts about genre nowadays. I think that readers of this books are only
women or the majority of them are women and I do not no if it is really
interesting. I have stoped  writing texts about genre just because of this,
not because my dissertation was not published. It was not published only
because of the costs, not because I wrote about women.

To all of you that answered my doubt / question thanks a lot. I am a little
bit buzy nowadays, but I will try to answer you soon..
Thanks to Isabel Saij too, a nice web.artist and a very good web.friend. I
am happy to know you are in Empyre.



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This sounds like something that should be published.

Have you considered  rewriting it as a journal article?
It might be something Leonardo would be interested in.

You could query first.  Send me private email
and I can tell you who to contact if you'd like to consider this.


>I wrote a  thesis* about three brazilian women and artists ( "Four views in
>search of a reader, important women, art and identity"). As I have said
>before I was looking for a feminine language in works done by women. I got
>this, however I done this ten years ago and stop writing about women, just
>because I began to think that my way was wrong. What do you all think about

>* This thesis  had its  publication approved, what did not occur because of
>the high costs of it (200 pages of colorful images and lots of texts (by
>Lygia Clark) and images with copyright - the women I studied are
>contemporary artists, only one of them is alive nowadays). I did not get a
>sponsor and I do not like to cut my work or simplfy it. So that I gave
>Regina Célia Pinto

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