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The Voices in my Head tell me that on 12/13/03 8:42 AM, isabel saij at wrote:

> Thanks Tim for the information regarding the exhibition "contact zones".
> Reading about your experience, I thought it was the answer
> to the question :
> "How can I find artists from Latin America or Asia for an exhibition ?"
> It gave me the idea to check the conditions to put works or creations
> on-line and to extend the question to the countries where the standard of
> living is not the north-american/european one.
> The educational, technical, political, financial conditions and the
> language are to be considered.


question: is it necessary to use a computer to make art of a technologically
contemporary nature?

I think of an artist (name escapes, me, no surprise: I'm very glad I have
photo ID...) who had every converge on Time Square in a Yellow Cab at a
certain time. Tied up traffic, and it was all yellow... made for some
excellent photography. All organised by cellphones (telephony) - the new


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