RE: [-empyre-] Women in Art, and Technology

> >I know that maybe this month's discussion is not about
> differences between
> gender but about examining Women in Art, and Technology...
> Well Barrie, for me, if it had not differences between the two genders,
> there was not a book called "Women, Art, and Technology". So, your
> contribution to the discussion is completely valid. It was just
> what Isabel
> Saij done, when she wrote about the education of the girls.
>  Isabel, do you think that nowadays, if a girl want to follow technollogy
> studies, she will not receive the permission from her mother? ... I really
> do not know. On the other hand, I worked during sometime as a
> coordenator of
> an info room of a high school . What I discovered there is that boys are
> much more interested in computers than girls. They received
> always the same
> stimulus to do a work, but the boys are always much more interested and
> always got the best works and sometimes keep on studying and searching
> information about the proposal even when the work was finished. What I
> really do not know is if this difference occurs because girls and boys are
> really differents or because the education of girls and boys valorizes
> different things. I bet that the differences of education are changing but
> there are centuries where the standards of education only allow the domain
> of the machine to men.
> Perhaps is because of this that Jim asked: "Anything in the book about
> different levels of fear, or different attitudes
> about/toward fear of technology associated with gender?"

Thanks for the info on Judy's book, Regina.

I often find women artists less hostile to the possibilities of using tech
in art than men, actually, and when they encounter it in art works, are less
inclined to find it threatening, though this is just my experience. Our
attitudes toward mystery and being in a state of unknowing come into play, I

And when I studied Math and Computer Science, there were fewer women, but
they were not generally less talented than the males.

It was interesting to observe the good women and the good men. The good men
would often hunt a problem like game. The good women would often look at its


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