Re: [-empyre-] Women in Art, and Technology

Hi all and dear Regina,

Below some precision to avoid any misunderstanding.

am 15.12.2003 0:32 Uhr schrieb arteonline unter

> Well Isabel,
> I am always speaking about our times and things I have been observing
> nowadays or at the end of last decade. My experience with boys and girls was
> only with computers. I am sure that some of those girls were brilliant in
> maths, for example. I am not saying that women are inferior, do not forget
> that I wrote a dissertation about women, I only said that the boys I
> observed were better than girls with computers. However, every day I receive
> a link to a good work done by woman...

I've never understood in your message something like "women are inferior".
You underlined their abilities.

> I am not speaking about my own experience, because as every woman of my age
> I had a very traditional education, but I think that it is past . Things
> change and here in Brazil, I am sure that boys and girls have much more
> freedon of choice that I had.

This freedom is excellent and a real progress. It's the reason why I think
we have to mention the past (as a "don't forget" message)

> I finish my previous email saying:  "I think that in the past Beauvoir
> (Simone de) and others's texts were very important to
> woman (including me) , but  nowadays I really do not know ..."
> Do you understand that this "nowadays I really do not know" was a reference
> to new texts focusing only women and not the old texts, which I think were
> very important to all the things women get ? Perhaps I have not been clear.

We both agree about Simone de Beauvoir for instance and her role in the
past. We may have a different appreciation of the situation nowadays.
It is possible that you have a rather optimistic view of the situation (and
I would be so glad if you're right) and that I have a more pessimistic one.
> I would like to add that I do not think that we do not have to write texts
> or books about women, what I think is that is the right time to think about
> human beings and not only about women. Feminism is really a litle bit old
> for me.
> We need of being two...
> so that the wheat will be hight
> or as Jim have said I would like to see books and texts showing works of
> good artists, books joining together excellent  artists of both genders. It
> is a way to show that in spite of being different, man and woman are able to
> do excellent work, so excellent that can be shown together.

I totally agree : works of quality have no gender. They are excellent or
not. A last remark : some of the best supports I had/have
came/come from men !



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