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The book has a website at

In addition to a table of contents and ordering info,
the web site updates the book with new material and links to
new material. I'm still working on this - have already added
some links suggested by this list and will be adding more
this week. 

If anyone has more suggestions, please either
post them to this list or email them to me personally,
whichever you prefer.

Three chapters from the book will be included in an upcoming issue 
of Leonardo Electronic Almanac.  They are
Valerie Soe: Video arte povera
Dawn Stoppiello and Mark Coniglio - Fleshmotor
and part of Kathy Rae Huffman's chapter:
Face Settings: an International Co-Cooking and Communication Project by
Eva Wohlgemuth and Kathy Rae Huffman
I'll post the url when it is available.

In answer to your other question, the book is about women artists working
in new media.  So, there isn't much emphasis on fear of technology associated with gender.
However, there is a chapter by Brenda Laurel that covers Purple Moon, the software
she created for girls and some of her thoughts about the importance of this
in getting more young women accustomed to working with computers.
And Martha Burkle Bonecchi's chapter addresses obstacles in third world countries.


At 05:46 AM 12/13/03 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Judy,
>Are there parts of your book online? If so, could you provide some URLs and
>also URLs to any other relevant material such as reviews or other related
>stuff, please? A URL to Amazon, too, would not be irrelevant.
>Anything in the book about different levels of fear, or different attitudes
>about/toward fear of technology associated with gender?
>empyre forum

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