[-empyre-] Uribe, Lattanzi, Dinsmore

I thought I'd post some links to work that hasn't been mentioned this month
and is available online from women doing exciting things in art for the Web:

ANA MARIA URIBE (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Ana Maria has been composing visual poetry since the sixties, and has been
writing her site of "Anipoemas" and "Tipoemas" since 1997. This is a very
generous, extensive, and unified creation influenced deeply by concrete
poetry, which aspires to international communication via fusing the visual
and linguistic.

I have not heard from Ana Maria for a while. If anyone has been in contact
with her recently, please drop me a line backchannel.

Barbara does interesting work with interactive video on the web, deforming
cinema in unusual directions. She also has made various pieces of software
she's written available on her site.

Claire's site is a mixture of her own strongly realized works of DHTML/Flash
and her editorial contributions as publisher of Cauldron and Net, an online


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