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i rarely post, but this time i thought i'd have a go because of my
experience being educated in an all-girl environment

i spent my 6 jr high/highschool years at an all girls school with a
wonderful computer lab. having spent just about all of my free time in the
computer lab during those years i was able to notice a few things. when i
started highschool very few girls ever came into the lab. i would say that
throughout the entire 6 years i found myself alone in there regularly,
though more and more people did start using it overall and the school did
add a 2nd computer lab a couple of years before i graduated.

though i took computer programming courses and they were attended(usually
around 5 girls, the minimum to hold class), it seemed that whatever projects
were being worked on during class, never really took off, i don't remember
anyone getting very passionate about our work and taking it outside of
class. on the other hand we were all doing the required work for the AP Exam
in Computer Science, so there wasn't much space to really follow specific
interests, which i found to be a problem.

my school was conscious of encouraging girls, etc. and i found a lot of
students did work in the sciences (mostly biology), and math but computers,
generally, didn't inspire the same amount of attraction and dedication.

i think that's it for now


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