[-empyre-] thank you Judy and Anna

As the holiday season is upon most of us,  we  at -empyre- would like to
thank "Women Art and Technology" editor Judy Malloy and contributing network
artist Anna Couey for sharing with us their thoughs on their work and for
opening up a discussion of issues surrounding the representatiion of women
in relation to art and technology. As Judy has said:
"It is not realistic to expect one book to cover everything. One book cannot
do all that is needed, and this book doesn't purport to do that."

Women, Art and Technology does make an important contribution of documenting
the significance of women in  the field,  and as well raises well informed
discussions, making it obvious that additional histories of womens work need
to be written. We look forward on -empyre- to  the publication of these!

We will return in early January with guests  "The New Media Reader"
editors  Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort, and Jill Scott's "Coded
Characters" a personal view of new media practice over 30 years and 3
continents. February brings Trebor Scholz and Geert Lovik speaking on the
Art of Online Collaboration.  Untill then a safe and relaxing holiday season
to you all.

the -empyre- faciliators

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