[-empyre-] Thank you to our guests, Maria Tjader-Knight and David Knight

-empyre- would like to thank Maria Tjader-Knight and David Knight for sharing their contemplative, serene cinematic work with us.  Their work is a strong reminder of the power of the narrative, and the sensual pleasure that can be found in linearity.

To stay up-to-date with Maria and David's ongoing creative output, you can monitor:  http://www.tjader-knightinc.com/

Further, -empyre- sincerely apologizes for the unforseen technical problems that disturbed this month's discussion of Maria and David's work.  We hope that you will stay with us to participate in February's discussion of +open source to open art+  with Felix Sattler and the artists of backup.lounge]lab.

Michael Mages
-empyre- admin

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