[-empyre-] thanks to Tjader-Knight and welcome backup lab-opensource-openart

dear empyreans,

Thanks to Maria Tjader-Knight and David Knight for
"Mechanisms of Exposure" , on theory and practice of
spatialized timebased video media.  -Empyre- was down
for three or four days thanks to server problems in
Australia, but Melinda has solved the immediate
problems, so we should be back on now.

I am writing from transmediale 03 in Berlin, where I
have had the pleasure of meeting Felix Sattler, our
host for February's theme ---

open source to open art

-empyre- takes pleasure in introducing +open source to
open art+: Felix Sattler and the artists of
backup.lounge]lab - http://www.backup-festival.com.

How is open source theory possible in collaborative
artistic practice? What are the implications,
limitations and choices in an open source approach?

These questions are explored in February on -empyre-
by the artists and curators of backup.lounge]lab which
served as the experimental playground for the
backup_festival/new media in film Nov 7-11th, 2002 in
Weimar, Germany.

19 artists including 'Artificial paradises' 'Luna
Nera' and 'D-Fuse' (London); 'Dijital Riot' (Weimar);
Laura Kavanaugh & Ian Birse, (Montreal), Sebastian
Hundertmark, Stephan Jacobs, Tobias Finauer (Weimar),
Catherine Moriwaki, and Pearl Gluck (USA); Helena
Jonsdottir (IS, Reykjavik), Jon Fawcett (GB, Cardiff),
and Micz Flor (CZ, Praha), created a network of open
accessible ideas, tools, media, molecules and pieces
that would eventually melange in the display at the

The artists of backup along with curators Carine
Linge, Alexander Klosch and Felix Sattler will have a
look at the process and results of backup's theory
that "open source" might be translated into a working
model for a conception of "open art".

Thanks for contributing to the digital empyrean.

Christina McPhee


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