[-empyre-] RE: Alan Sondheim

Hi Alan,

> It's not until analog audio synthesis (say) came along - voltage-controlled
> units with inputs - that one began to speak of 'source' - in the sense of an
> information (analog or digital) stream. So one might say there are double
> sources - those which are input and those of the analog or digital control
> structure/patch/matrix itself.

Thank's a lot for your statement: Indeed there are many levels that either
may contain or become sources themselves which is a very important thing to

I'd like to state Jon Fawcett from his last input to empyre:

>> The source is the artist.


>> But in the context of collaboration and art, even the sociable relationships
>> influenced the work that was produced. It seems to me that different
>> different sources contributed to the development of various differnt programs
>> I am developing, which all contributed to my systems production of work...

I guess it makes sense to apply that thesis not only to power circuits but
also to social structures between people involved. Though I guess the
analogy here is pretty obvious I still think that when dealing with
collaborative art especially curators and organisers (including myself who
learned a lot from the lab) should focus more on this aspect then on the
technical details; i.e. we spend quite a time organising voltage converters
for all the global equipment and then placed our global artists in a remote
hotel at the outskirts of Weimar not really thinking of the consequences to
the social level.


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