[-empyre-] meanings of meanings of exchange

Apologies to Felix, Ian and all if these Q's seem obvious

Felix wrote and quoted Ian:
>There is something about what you are writing which makes
>it worth having a look on how the platforms for exchange
>of knowledge presently work.
>>> Within this code lies an open and accessible record, 
>>> and a medium for the distribution, of methods, 
>>> techniques, skills and knowledge, which can be read and

>>> absorbed by anyone with an interest in developing
>>> their own skills.

Ian, were you referring to the process of commenting code?

Felix wrote:
> It is very interesting to read that you are almost only 
> referring to the meta-level of code production (I will 
> use the term "code" in the following because we may use 
> this as a substitute for artistic artefacts also, still I
> personally like to keep in touch with the collaborative  
> art space rather then drifting away to where we came 
> from) 

Felix, do you mean drifting away from the "code production"
aspect of the definition of Open Source that arises out
of/from those theorypractices? Drifting away from "computer
culture"? Drifting away from "computer science"?

Felix wrote:
> But: The system definitely will shape the information 
> because it influences its structure (take the rhizome 
> model as one example).

Are you referring to rhizome.org and/or more generally to
D&G's rhizome models and it's various permutations
throughout networks and discourses?

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