Re: [-empyre-] meanings of meanings of exchange

Hi Jon,

> Felix wrote:
>> It is very interesting to read that you are almost only
>> referring to the meta-level of code production (I will
>> use the term "code" in the following because we may use
>> this as a substitute for artistic artefacts also, still I
>> personally like to keep in touch with the collaborative
>> art space rather then drifting away to where we came
>> from) 
> Felix, do you mean drifting away from the "code production"
> aspect of the definition of Open Source that arises out
> of/from those theorypractices? Drifting away from "computer
> culture"? Drifting away from "computer science"?

Yes. Our project had NOTHING to do with computer science or open source code
production. We only utilised (de-contextualised) the theory of open source
and its natural results being both transparency and establishment of
collaborations for the art realm. We invited filmmakers, video artists,
sculptors, designers, also computer artists and choreographers,
food-artists, media activists...(hope everybody feels included here).
We were/are of the opinion that within open source theory there are many
ideas useful for the art world. The attempt of the lab was to explore the
possibilities of the translation process (computer science -> art).

> Felix wrote:
>> But: The system definitely will shape the information
>> because it influences its structure (take the rhizome
>> model as one example).
> Are you referring to and/or more generally to
> D&G's rhizome models and it's various permutations
> throughout networks and discourses?
> Jon

I am referring to the rhizome model (nothing to do with Many
networks use this model to organise information, i.e. does.
At backup we were discussing possible ways to document the lab online and to
create a platform for further discourse. We did not want to use the rhizome
model for our documentation because we demanded a system that applies less
structure to the input.


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