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> Felix wrote:
>> Do we need to hang a text next to any art work if we want to
>> create open art?

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JonCates wrote:

> That technique seems to me to be a good way to close the work (in
> terms of reception, reuse, etc) as practiced in the usual gallery
> fashion of distribution and annotation. Of course, when
> Conceptualists hung the text as the work itself the dynamic opened.
> I'm very curious to know how you feel lounge|lab achieved a
> non-institutional environment.

lounge|lab didn't have text hung next to the works nor did the works
themselves inherit 100% transparency about the process of their creation.
After the exhibition we discussed within the backup.team the need for a
text-based and on-site explanation about the project's general background
(the catalogue featured this explanation already anyway).
However the transparency was established by the artists' presence throughout
the workshop and exhibition opening times and their engagement and
willingness to open for discourse. I regard this feature as the most
outstanding aspect lounge|lab had to come up with and I would very much like
to once more thank all artists for their efforts!

The possibility to get personal feedback from creators and to invite the
public into a real-time discourse with all people involved also contributes
to the effort for an open art space.


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