[-empyre-] loungellab documentation

> in Subject: Re: [-empyre-] meanings of meanings of exchange
> Felix wrote:
>> At backup we were discussing possible ways to document the lab online and to
>> create a platform for further discourse.

JonCates wrote:

> This rhizomatic documentation strategy and/or presentation of the
> documentation is part of the attempt towards transparency? Will
> "users" of the documentation have the ability to alter it or it's
> organization? Will it be distributed under the GPL?
> Jon

I dont know if we need an own GPL here, there might be formats that wont
require an own system. But this has still to be discussed.
I think that the specific about that platform should be the possibility to
create both content and structure/organisation. Users should be able to
benefit from others' thoughts as well as about the way thoughts are
individually organised. A user should therefore be able to apply his own
idea of knowledge-organisation (yes: alter the system!) when contributing
data. When a user is accessing information from another user he shouldn't be
able to alter the structure. When somebody inserts a table it should be read
as one. If the is hypertext it will remain hypertext. If it is in
alphabetical order it will be kept. In this way there is no given and
predominant structure at the beginning while it is still possible to learn
how others organise themselves.


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