Re: [-empyre-] meanings of meanings of exchange

Ian wrote:

> Rhizomatics - the GPL and LGPL licensing system used in open source software
> has allowed or encouraged a complex branching of software projects into
> application specific / personal / and project based versions, leading to
> often chaotic strata all inheriting in some way from the original code base.
> I'm sure one can see how a collaborative art project might spawn and branch
> organically in this way with the infusion of new ideas, and idiosyncratic
> approaches. However, there has also been a strong normative force in open
> source software that allows reliable, predictable platforms like GNOME to
> evolve. I wonder how this might exhibit itself in the art arena?

The only idea I have right now is that exhibition projects like the
backup.lounge|lab and similar ones can produce some reliability if that is
possible/useful anyhow. While computer sciences demand this level or
predictability I doubt I the art realm really requires this state?


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