Re: [-empyre-] loungellab documentation

Hi Jon,
> The system you are describing sounds great Felix! W/criticalartware
> we are working towards similar sorts of organization of the data and
> contributions that make up our application/platform. Structures such
> as these are incredibly exciting and playful (i.e. game-like) for all
> involved. It would seem that the artists who where selected would
> also be interested in the possibilities of such an open and dynamic
> system.
> Deadtech's "CIRCUMVENTION DEVICE" project is an ex. of the use of the
> GPL to openly distribute works. Each piece is also commented on by
> the artist, but no forum exists to add yr own comments or upload yr
> own modifications.
> What is so attractive about the kind of structure you are describing
> for the loungellab documentation is the generative quality and
> flexibility of the system. Those qualities certainly do complicate
> instutionalization in it's various forms by helping keep the work and
> the structure/context slippery and malleable.

thank you so much for these links, I already had short glimpse into and liked it very much. The structure generation with
the relationmatrix is a fantastic feature. The savegame implementation is
exactly the thing I was hoping for because it gives you the chance to
understand other people's kind of navigation through information as well as
it lets you create your personal path. Here the site stands back and watches
the users unfold, the opposite thing usually happens with other
(hierarchical, predefined) websites. Great!


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