Re: [-empyre-] Re: Jon, loungelab's transparency

hey tahnx everyone for the great discussion so far..
im interrested, that in all of this no one has mentioned the underlying
stuctures that make opensource itself or a festival like back up possible..
(or if it was i missed it..)

opensource is a fabulous  concept but i wonder bout its sustainability..and
the financal structure or funding.. who pays for open art to be created, who
gets paid to use opensouce software made by other people who do it for
free.. etc etc

i guess its an ethical concern.. i use an opensorce multiuser server and
interface code that ive paid others to modify..  i get paid nominal amounts
(realy tiny useally compared to the work involved) to have the work shown in
festivals(even tho its always availabe on the net) yet i dont pass any
percentage of that income back to the orginal makers of the code..  tho the
modifed code is available for anyone else to use if they want to ..

this may seem liek a wierd abds slightly offtopic question.. but its one
that i puzzle about and useally people dont seem to discuss why did
linus torvolds win a prize at ars electronica a few years ago.. why not give
money to many unknown people who developed linux in thier own time for no
personal gain.


> lounge|lab didn't have text hung next to the works nor did the works
> themselves inherit 100% transparency about the process of their creation.
> After the exhibition we discussed within the the need for a
> text-based and on-site explanation about the project's general background
> (the catalogue featured this explanation already anyway).
> However the transparency was established by the artists' presence
> the workshop and exhibition opening times and their engagement and
> willingness to open for discourse. I regard this feature as the most
> outstanding aspect lounge|lab had to come up with and I would very much
> to once more thank all artists for their efforts!
> The possibility to get personal feedback from creators and to invite the
> public into a real-time discourse with all people involved also
> to the effort for an open art space.

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