[-empyre-] introducing 2003 -empyre- production team.

Happy 1st birthday -empyre- ...

I started this list in the beginning of 2002 as I had been getting
frustrated with the low ratio of signal to noise on other lists, I had seen
lists like Recode and Syndicate disintergrate by discussing thier internal
functions rather than issues, and I also wanted a discussion space which
would explore topics specific to 3d spaces on the web.  And most
importantly, I saw other lists where the culture of the Internet and impacts
of technology were being discussed by writers and academics, but not by the
actual artists who were making work in the field.

Initailly it was intended it to be a small list, but to my surprise it took
on a life of its own and grew expotentially... Thank you to everyone who has
participated in the list over the last year to make it the succes that it
has been. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to maintain the list and
this year due to my other committments need to take a very back seat.  I am
pleased to announce that  in 2003 -empyre-  has a refreshed team of

Christina McPhee, who has been woking -empyre - for  the later part of 2002,
producing the November discussion on Construction of  Virtual Space,  is
joined by new facilitators Rebecca  Cannon from Melbourne, and Michael
Arnold Mages from Denver. This team has a wide range of experience  and
expertise and looks set to bring the forum another great year of wide
ranging topics and guests.

Christina McPhee , christina112@earthlink.net works in netart, painting,
installation video and digital print, and writes critically relative to
theory of poetics of the net and virtual architecure, extensively showing
and speaking on her work in North and South America and Europe.  Christina
is currently visiting artist/critic at the Design program in Architecture at
California Polytech State University. http://www.christinamcphee.net ,

Rebecca Cannon deckard@selectparks.net  is a  producer and curator who
currently moderates the audiovision list from Melbourne, and is the archive
manager of selectparks.net, a website dedicated to the development of
computer games. She produces video zines, cdroms, and gallery shows on
thematics of  technological inspired poetry, games and animated comics.
http://www.selectparks.net   , http://www.gammaspace.com.au/trigger/

Michael Arnold Mages magesm@mindspring.com is an artist currently teaching
as Adjunct Prof. in the Electronic Media Arts Design program at the
University of Denver.  His artwork focuses on sound , especially performance
and installation, and is interrested in power economies, and the effect
technology has on them. http://www.du.edu/~marnoldm/

Welcome new facilitators, and peaceful New Year

Melinda Rackham
-empyre- admin

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