[-empyre-] Thanks to Melinda and Welcome Maria and David: Mechanisms of Exposure

Dear Empyreans,

One of the things about -empyre- that makes it so valuable, is that it
tackles the formation of theory through improvised live dialogue, as, and
about, digital culture...something that Melinda has been most sensitive to
in her selection of guests and her moderation of the list.  I am very
grateful to Melinda for starting and sustaining -empyre-  and know that
there are lots of readers around the world who support it, and her presence,
in thought as well as in conversation. To all of you, to new co-moderators
Michael and Rebecca, and most especially to our heroine Melinda, many thanks
for the opportunity to keep -empyre- alive and kicking another year.

-empyre- welcomes January's guests, Maria Tjader-Knight and David Knight,
who are introducing their body of 'postmedia' performance as digital film,
"Mechanisms of Exposure".

Based in Brussels and Helsinki, Maria Tjader-Knight and David Knight create
film like spatializations in cd rom and installation.  The sheer enormity of
the disparity between the scale of content expressible by code versus the
scale of content experientially and cognitively recognized through human
contextual and analog processing makes us long for perfect code, that is to
say, a complete unified field ideology and syntax. Beneath the nostalgia for
coherence and developmental controls one feels the cold winds of the
totalitarian past, when in the mid twentieth century another obsession with
the topdown comprehensive code of development - comprehensive planning and
development - a unified field- as the mode through which architectonics,
place, and human presence locate and are determined led to much violence.
Humans and their sense of the local and particular themselves became the
?sublime¹ relative to machine space and machine consciousness.   At the
brink of war again in a new century, empyre invites two artists whose work
engages an intimate scale of phenomenology and the personal in a new poetics
of spatialization beyond both digital and analog in a performative post-mix.

Mechanisms of Exposure showed at Galerie Espace Blanche, Brussels, in 2002
and toured as part of the New York International Independent Film Festival
in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in 2002; it was featured in the FILE
2002 Electronic Language Symposium and Exhibition.  Online, please see

Maria Tjader-Knight (FI), printmaker/performance artist, received the Master
of Arts in spring 2000 from the University of Art and Design of Helsinki,
Finland and is currently developing a Doctoral Thesis under the title
FEMININE BODY AS A WRITER: Perfor(m)ing Visual Arts; an interdisciplinary
study to challenge the stability of the visual bodies in the focal points of
digital media, arising from the feminist cultural critique elaborating from
the post-structuralist  deferral theory. David Knight (UK), experienced
light and sound engineer, is currently developing soundscapes, aural
destinations and computer software, hardware and networks to fulfill the
challenges of  digital creation.

TJADER-KNIGHT inc. was established 2000 to give a solid basis for
collaboration between these two artists .

2002 TJADER-KNIGHT inc. established BoringArt.com and open the gateway for

for a brief CV http://www.tjader-knightinc.com/cv.htm

Christina McPhee

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