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Gestures of Pleasure' that Christina had in mind when introducing us is

Hello Empyreans ! TJADER-KNIGHT inc. expresses the pleasure for being here
and also wishes to thank Christina MacPhee for inviting us to open the doors
to the 'Mechanisms of Exposure'.

on the threshold - just a few words about the philosophy behind our work
taken from the Statement in 'Jul02 :

Our mission is to search for beauty.
Our mission is to discover the mechanisms that produce beauty.
Our mission is to create the beauty.
We are not writing a manifesto.
We are not giving you a mantra to chant and mumble.
we are not selling you a second-hand soul.
Our creation is an exposure from within the mechanical realities, imaginary
and physical touch within the virtual
that withhold a prospect of simplicity, pleasure, concentration, intention.
Making visible invisible carrying the light, within,
revealing, accepting the magic.


'Mechanisms of Exposure' being the main title under which most of our recent
digital work demeures, we would like to point to the modalities of exposure
itself first seen from the ever convolving perspectives of J-L Nancy and J.
Derrida resulting as a surface, skin, touch, flesh .., becoming illimited
after the exposure has taken place. Beyond all binary oppositions. This is
where the exposure begins the differentiation from the ideals of
Merleau-Ponty, Lacan, Duras. Beyond transcursion or narcissism or any mythic
absolutisation. Exposure a la Daguerre or Marie Curie. Exposure of the
post-structural feminists and the disciples. Visions of alterity, fluidity,
Chora, positioned and exposed against the dictators and ruling powers. Or
following the exposing modality of liberation of cyberfeminism of becoming
completely androgynous / haemaphrodite sic.

Exposure to the 'Gestures of Pleasure' as we titled the digital animation
finalised at the beginning of '02.

'Mechanisms of Exposure ~ Gestures of Pleasure'

Being exposed to strong aspects, drive you to realize subtleness in a
manner ..... viewing dimension; maybe through another relentless aspect as
it clears
To realize sensitive gestures lighter than touch, but deeper than expected,
a notion
strives of well being
Through colour that covers and uncovers the interchanges of place [language]
/ space [body]
and transposes the time
(taken from the synopsis)

The film has been shown in several festivals and exhibitions during the year
2002 mostly in it's linear form.
Over the internet the film, as it is constructed from 10 chapters, takes
quite a different form where the interaction of the viewer becomes
essential. As Godard states :'every story should have a beginning, a middle
and an end but not necessarily in that order'. Taking it even further : seen
through Benjamin's impenetrable super-optic : play any of the chapters, it
loops endlessly : relax, enough! of the re-de-constructions and obsessive
storytelling. Disrupt the chronological time to recover within the memory of
alternative futures the gestures of pleasure.



'Mechanisms of Exposure' is an artists' reconstruction of one year of
torment in real life due to an invisible threat caused by the standards of
life in Brussels. While enjoying ourselves in a beautiful rented bathroom of
ours with a view to the arcade of the European Parliament, we also just
about made it out alive.

'It wasn't until around just after Christmas 2000 that we both started to
feel sick but as we both had not been aware of the leaking gas boiler we put
it down to the weather and other day-to-day sicknesses. We never realized
that the fact that we felt sick after washing our hair in the morning was to
do with the boiler or even when soaking in the bath thinking that we felt
overly relaxed because of the heat when it really was the carbon monoxide
attacking our nervous system. I dare not even begin to think for how many
times I have nearly fallen asleep in the bath thinking I was just tired when
really I was very close to dying.'
TJADER-KNIGHT inc. June 2001

With this work we will represent Belgium in http://www.euroscreen21.de


'Mechanisms of Exposure ~ ZOOM ~ elastic ambience'
'Altistuksen Mekanismit ~ ZOOM ~ elastinen ambienssi'
is a draft for an exhibition later this year.
Be patient with the page as it is a demo and contains rather large QTVR
files and sound.

At the brink of exposed edges the algorithms can only get better as well as
writing the fusions on the futile footnotes .

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