[-empyre-] Koan of exposure, thank you Terry, thank you Clare

Dear Terry, Dear Clare,

Thank you both for your kind comments and questions.

We do find the excerpt of the essay of John Berger fascinating. In a very
unadorned manner (externally), he brings us to this verge of exposure

allowing us to approach questions for Koan. Addressing beyond thought and
perception, beyond the relative and the absolute, to dialogue

with forever involves a losing of false notions rather than a gaining
experience. The instinct and expression to continue is always revealed.

So yes, Terry, you brush quite close to our original idea of exposures while
stating 'uncovering through visualisation' .

'The exposure can be also peaceful and serene, calm and tranquil. It is the
moment of perishing the form, becoming form, and transcending

into another dimension. Ultimately the exposure to the sensually intimate.
The exposure to the gestures of pleasure.'   (from Synopsis)

We  understand the perception of an artist more as a receiver / cynic and
composer / filter of all the possible influences 'just hanging there'

in the atmosphere rather than as a subjective, even violent interpreter of
the senses. Could we go as far as to completely turn, rip around and

dismantle the cartesian status quo of subjects and objects in respective and
opposite cages in proposition to each other and suggest 'the

Artist' to become the object / mirror. By stating this objectivity we do not
relate the modality of becoming an object to any useless

vulnerability or perforability that should be harmful (or indeed
'objectifying' in the everyday-language). And within this modality to act in

sensitive and responsible manner (as there always is the hypothetic viewer
for all the questions proposed to enable synthesis).

It is also possible to state that this kind of perception would act
similarily as elision or ravine, in their active and dialectic sense, rather

ellipsis. Was this what you were asking when correlating the ellipsis and
elision ?

Clare, we are sorry to hear about your grief, but very happy to hear that
the touch is there and that you were able to connect with our work.

Maria & David

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