[-empyre-] Omnidirectional senses of the 'khora'

quote: 'These are tales of transformation
within matter that is both perceptible and imperceptible, real and
concrete and virtual, and propose qualitatively different relations in which
architecture can be realised.... '
Yes, being both (etre deux -Irigaray-), but still divided by the binary.

Let's challenge the transformation a little bit further !

Starting on the threshold (of the digital expression) :

to attain the Gestures of Pleasure

to model and animate 'a pair of lips' in a constant movement, touching and
retouching themselves, to signify the
threshold, the origin from which the transformation collides from,
transformation in-between the moist surfaces* behind
the lips; air, flesh, wind nurturing from the outside of the lips,
reverberating. Movement that can never be reduced
to 'fro-to' / visible-invisible. Movement within, towards, the
omnidirectional impulses . Omnidirectional senses of
the 'khora'.

*in order to avoid from entering into a great detail within these specific
modalities, I will employ 'khora' in the active,
non-immanent sense (Plato 3rd) to gather these sensations, physically so
familiar for the [other] half of the bodies of this world while
the remaining half is still verbally exploring them.

This could be one possible approach towards the more abstract part of our
digital worlds. Worlds that never could be
completed, and thus passed on, without the audible and resonant to the other
senses apart from vision. Again it is problematic
to perfectly state where the resonance of the sound changes into the
resonance of the movement of  colour, but the threshold is
always there; in your very presence when entering the digital architecture
of the 'Mechanisms of Exposure ~ Gestures of Pleasure'.

To conclude with some girl power à la Persephone : ' ...aptitude de la femme
à conserver et cultiver son identité pour en offrir les qualités
en partage à l'homme d'une manière ou d'une autre. Cette dimension de la
virginité psychique de la femme, gardée et cultivée dans l'amour et le
désir avec l'homme, est sans doute une des richesses spirituelles les plus
extraordinaires de l'humanité, richesse encore à découvrir
au-delà de la valeur de la maternité, qui n'est pas proprement humaine.'

Irigaray: 'Entre Orient et Occident'

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