[-empyre-] Thank you Hazel and Jim...

-empyre-'s softskinned space was very populous in May thanks to the
attentive and generous guest poets Hazel Smith (AU) and Jim Andrews (CA).

A small fine empyrean moment came in one exchange between Hazel and Jim, as
Jim contemplates Hazel's thought that "writers have to shift considerably to
the demands of the medium": -- " yes, one has to 'take on' the machine as a
part of oneself even as one 'takes it on' oppositionally, in some senses."
and Hazel responds, with the observation that she is "interested in working
and reading across several media from print to performance to new media, and
allowing each to inform the others." I admire how this exchange intimates
the  (at least) triangulated + cubed interactivity between three "subjects"
... individual writer, code, and community, each of which have so many
layers of presence and "techne" that the whole becomes a moving, live
architecture of poetry.

Many thanks to these two and to all of you who carried ideas forward through
e-poetic epistles...

You can access the new online multimedia journal edited by Hazel...at


Hazel Smith works in the areas of poetry, experimental writing,
performance, multi-media work and hypertext, and her web page is at

Jim Andrews has published <http://vispo.com> since 1995. It's the centre
of his work as a writer, programmer, critic, visual and audio guy.  His
interactive audio work NIO opened on turbulence in 2001

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