[-empyre-] introducing web 3dart 2003 - artists and designers (part 3)

We are pleased to introduce ours guests form the artist and designer section
of web 3d art. the artists will send in opening statements in the next few

artists and designers: http://www.web3dart.org/n,250010,1.html

--> Stephen Guynup
The Crystal Cabinet
Steve Guynup is a "blue collar" Web3D developer. His work has been presented
at SIGGRAPH's Web3D Round-Up in 1998, 99 & 2000, VRML99 & Web3D 2000,
Museums on the Web 2003, WebX and many other conferences.  In the mid 1990's
he was a multimedia production artist who built multimillion dollar computer
based training software for Fortune 500 companies. Seeking to understand the
underlying philosophy that has been intuitively  guiding his work, Steve has
returned to academia and is currently pursing a PhD in Communications, The
Moving Image at Georgia State University.

--> Patrick Keller
Patrick Keller is an architect with a Masters in Computer Graphics and
one of the founders of fabric | ch,  a collective of architects and computer
scientists that engage  with experimental works (usually useing digital
medias) to formulate new states of existence for the architectural artefact
in this contemporary space, i.e. that can exists  online, in games, in new
materialities -electromagnetic waves-, distributed and variable, without
physical materialities, etc.].  They define architecture as information [of
a situation, + or -] and our works exists in various contexts like
installations, online, in museums, for clients.

--> John Klima
Context Breeder
(introduced in lab3d)

--> Adam Nash
Memory Plains Returning
Adam Nash is a programmer, composer and performer based in Melbourne,
Australia , currently undertaking a Masters at Centre for Animation and
Interactive Media at RMIT, researching 3D Multi-user Space as Performance
Medium. He was invited to exhibit at FILE 2003, Sao Paulo,  and has
performed in Australia, as well as Singapore, Germany, Japan and the United
Kingdom, with The Men Who Knew Too Much.

--> Anthony Rowe
(with by Gareth Bushell and James Lane)
(introduced in lab3d)

--> Grégoire Zabé (with Regis Albignac )
inframonde - a participative landscape
Grégoire Zabé is a designer and artist, teaching at école supérieure des
arts décoratifs de Strasbourg. He is  part of group of artists "ESP"
www.eternalnetwork.org/esp , traveling arround "telepresence" thematics, and
worked with eleonore hellio, on some works "animachina, food him with
network flows" and "eleo" an autonomous puppetwww.nobox-lab.com Recently
Grégoire  has been participating in  the Norapolis conference with fred
forest, jules maeght and olivier auber about hybridation of
design/art/internet and about economical issues of web art.

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