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Hello 3D people,

I'd like to introduce myself, Przemyslaw Moskal is my name.  Edward Tang and
I are the authors of 3D Sound Sculpture, which you can view at:


When we were conceptualizing this work, we both agreed that sound and 3D
space have very strong connection.  Therefore, we decided to concentrate our
efforts on both creating playful environment in which the viewer can build
his/her own sound sculpture and play back the sounds in a non-linear way.

You may check out my other works in 3D, and not only, at www.laksom.com
(flash, shockwave and high speed are recommended and sometimes necessary)


Przemek Moskal

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an apology..
in my introduction  i mistakenly attributed  Simon Biggs work Babel as an
Academic Research Project. to set the record straight  Sheffield Hallam
University were not involved in any
way, directly or indirectly , and Babel is not an academic project . It was
commissioned from Simon as  an independent artist by Focal Point Gallery,
and funded by East England Arts and the Arts Council of England New
Audiences Fund.

Simon perhaps you can tell us a little about the issues which influenced the
creation of the  work and what more generalised concepts of 3dimensional
space  it deals with..


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