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hi empyreans
I am today really happy to find a place for discussion about web3d
electronic art.
This medium still suffers of many stereotypes and a difficult acces (we can
see it in recent posts)

Inframonde - a participative landscape

Inframonde is a cyberlandscape.  It is composed of a multitude of facets,
organized in a kind of tunnel.
Each one of these facets is likely to collect a "photographic fragment"
downloadable directly on line via the interface of the site.
The idea is to constitute a "mental landscape" where the images brought by
each participant amalgamate.
This new space offers a kaleidoscopic perception, a fragmented vision of the
world, recomposed artificially.

Méso-American mythology often calls upon the image of a complex underground
world, an "inframonde".
This space, unlike our hell, is a place of transition, inhabited by beings
of all natures, which sail between various layers and degrees of depth,
likely constantly to come back at surface, and to act on reality.  Its
evocation is seldom pejorative,
but rather a source of exitation of imaginary of the humans.  It is
included/understood like a complementary  space  to the "real"world .
This acceptance of a balance ground/basement, conscious/unconscious,
real/virtual, seems to us to be an element founder of the project,
like this capacity to create a collective imaginary.

The interface of our project allows the transport of these individual
perceptions, with an aim of creating a shared vision,
through their coexistance in the inframonde.  There is a real need for today
creating tools which one can be adapted, transformed,
on which we can modify the "source code".  There is a guiding principle
brought by the project, which functions like a rule of game:
the facets are organized in five groups (ground, midground, skyline, midsky,
sky) which define the type of photographic fragments to install in the
Thus a participant can bring an end of ground, which will be supplemented by
an end of sky brought by another or by itself.
In thus rises a heterogene place, which is only one structure "to live", and
which has the capacity to be rewritten perpetually,
each image being able "to be crushed" by the arrival of a new one.  A series
of "snapshots" will make it possible to fix moments
of this universe in mutation.

 The integration of a chat, creating a  multi-user space, also goes in the
direction of a tool of cohesion and communication and experimentation.
We hope that this richness will continue through the catch in hand by the
greatest number of this project,
and that actions and reflexions resulting from various cultures will come to
give him life.

my work deales with time, action/events/disruption, and
The "new medias", since cinema at the end of 19th century, gave the
possibility of "scultpting time".
Multimedia and especially web3d made of time one of the first "building"
material. It induces a deep modification
of the place of the user, and of our representation systems.
The point is not anymore where it takes place, but when, and what part of it
i can see. The work is not only
what i see, but a part of it and especially a moment of it. In that line, we
can talk about an ecology of cyberlandscapes.
The "participative" way of building projects produces a strong link between
spectAtors. "Virtual reality" (even if i don't like this word)
becomes an hybridation of real spaces, a continuation of it. These "social
links" are almost as important as those we build in "real" spaces.
My work of designer makes me specially aware about that.

Grégoire Zabé / Design(s)er and artist, teaching numerical and 3d tools at
ecole superieure des arts décoratifs, Strasbourg

last works:

for pc: you will need blaxxun contact www.blaxxun.com and realplayer
for mac : try to use cortona plugin : www.parallelgraphics.com but there is
no guarantee !

inframonde www.inframonde.net      selected at inline 2003, sao
paulo/Brasil, experimenta's house of tomorrow Australia, Norapolis,
metz/France, Laval Virtual, Laval/France
Inside the machine www.nobox-lab.com/itm
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trans-portrait www.nobox-lab.com/transportrait    selected in
www.incident.net outstanding on portraits
transport(s) www.nobox-lab.com/transports  presented in "open workshops
2003", Strasbourg/France

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