[-empyre-] multi-perspectival

3D and the multi-perspectival.

the multi-perspectival.

being able to see things from more than one perspective.

part of becoming aware.

when i worked in radio, i had occassion a couple of times to record the voices of people who had
never before had their voice recorded, and then watch/listen to their reaction to hearing the

you know how they reacted.

"that doesn't sound like me at all!"

i remember having the same strong feeling about it when i heard a recording of my own voice for
the first time when i was 11.

not that it sounded a bit off--no, it *didn't sound like me at all.*

because i had no perspective outside myself on the matter.

one of the things i found delightful about the jason lewis piece i sent to the list last month,
the piece that takes snippets of text from the depths of your email and so on, and then presents
them in a dark space, is it providing new perspective to me about me and how the computer has
parts of my life in it that i can hardly recall, but can recall, when i think about it, from
years ago. my memory on the screen.

being able to see things from a new point of view outside oneself.

3rd eye.

this is surely important to the attraction to 3D?


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