RE: [-empyre-] multi-perspectival

hi adam and grégoire,

right, well it's the metaphysical space that offers the possibility of new perspective, isn't
it, mainly? art is invisible. 'perspective' in a mainly figurative rather than literal sense.
whatever literal perspective we see from, we lack a new figurative perspective unless it is new
in our metaphysical space. the 3rd eye is invisible, is figurative, sees the metaphysical space.

but, as you perhaps imply, adam, maya is rather larger than the computer screen.

had a chance to check out your "memory plains returning", adam. really memorable and, again,
that link with (human) memory turns it into a kind of metaphysical space, mainly, doesn't it?

i love the way that the cosmo player has that right-click menu, particularly the "viewpoints"
submenu. by the way, is it the case that any viewpoint is always reachable from any other? does
the cosmo tech presuppose a connected space, in that sense?

well it's 5 a.m. so it's pretty much bed time for this space cowboy. hopefully i will dream of
some of the great 3d work i've seen tonight! thank you!


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