RE: [-empyre-] empyrean's squishy avatars

dear Empyreans,

> I tried that link but, for some reason, had better success with my Win 98 system at
> . I remember you told me backchannel that whether it
> would work in IE depended on the version of Java one is running; anyway, I found Netscape 4.78
> handled it well; my newer IE didn't handle it well. It's well worth the experimentation, Millie.
> Given that, as Melinda mentioned, the Cosmo plugin has not had dev on it for some time, it isn't
> surprising that Netscape 4.78 might handle it better.

Need to point here that this issue was raised quite recently by one of
visitors of Merzbau 3D site - an olderweb3d art 2000 entry.
Prompted by mentioned email I did quick research to locate source of
problem with CosmoPlayer as described by IE users, nedless to say I was
unaware of this since Im using IE and Win/PC ocassionaly, as my platform
is SGI and there's no IRIX port of IE.

So it appears that IE since version 5.5 (possibly 5.0, however unexplored)
doesn't fetch player as MS dropped support for Netscape style .dll's
plug-ins in favor of ActiveX controls.

Known walkaround to use CosmoPlayer with newer IE browser is via EMBED
tag, cheating syntax for ActiveX is <embed src="my_world_foo.wrl"
type="model/vrml" border="0" width="100%" height="100%"> .

Well, this is highly speculative since I dont have PC at the moment to
test mentioned *evil empire browser* so YMMW.



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