[-empyre-] Steve Guynup - Intro

Greetings everyone,

My exploration of virtual space began in 1996. I
suppose this makes me an oldtimer.

At http://www.pd.org/~thatguy is (I believe) the
largest body of virtual works created by a single
individual. Coding, modeling, and concepts all come
down to me. Still, the success of the work stems from
a community of artists, poets and photographers who
have allowed me to adapt their finest work to this

>From the onset the process of adapting their work has
been done with a careful eye torwards pushing the
boundaries of virtual design. Step by step, small
modifications are made to interaction and navigation
schemes. Beneath the poetic exterior the site is, in a
sense, a handbook for builders of virtual space.

After two years at Georgia Tech, my raw beliefs have
been smoothed out by authors/developers such as
Michael Benedikt, Ken Hillis, Janet Murray and Ivan
Sutherland.  Lately I've been reviewing film studies,
classics by Walter Benjamin & Gilles Deleuze and early
thoughts by Erwin Panofsky and Sergei Eisenstein. 

The writting of my beliefs is a work in progress. The
early efforts I've made are on my site. Hopefully this
dicussion will lead to a paper or two.

After the introductions I'll raise my issues.


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