[-empyre-] introducing the curators and partner organisations

We would like to welcome several more guests to our lab3d discussion.

Firstly the curator of lab 3d Kathy Rae Huffman. Kathy is Director of Visual
Arts at Cornerhouse in Manchester and has been instrumental in the promotion
of 3D art  to a wide audience, through her writing,  curation  and through
Web3D Art, an annual juried show which is organised in collaboration with
Karel Dudesek. Kathy will join our disscussion detailing some of her
experience with the issues surrounding the curation of 3d art.

Joining us in a double capacity is Taylor Nuttall, Director of Folly a Media
Arts Organisation based in Lancaster  who will be co-hosting this months
discussion on empyre and will be editing the reader produced from these
discussions. Folly gallery will also be  presenting a live MultiUser version
of Adam Nash's Memory Plains Returning later this month.

Also joining us in the discussion are two curators from partner
organisations, Lina Dzuverovic-Russell, New Media Curator at the Institute
of Contemporary Arts, London, who will be hosting a discussion on 3d art in
early June, and Melentie Pandilovski  the new Director of the Experimental
Art Foundation in Adelaide, Australia and formerly Director of  Contemporary
Art Center in Skopje,  which are both hosting the Web 3dart show.

Thank you all for joining us.


--> Kathy Rae Huffman is Director of Visual Arts at Cornerhouse,
leading centre for contemporary art, media and cinema. She was the director
of Hull Time Based Arts, Professor of Electronic Media at Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute, NY; and a writer and free lance curator based in
Austria from 1990-1998. She is a networker and specialist for web  based
initiatives, and a curator who pioneered support of artists work centered in
media theory and practice.
personal url http://www.faces-l.net

--> Lina Dzuverovic-Russell is the New Media Curator at the Institute of
Contemporary Arts in London and Web Editor at The Wire Magazine. Prior to
this she worked for Mute Magazine, The Lux Centre and for the Pandaemonium
Festival. Exhibitions and events include WhatDoYouWantToDoWithIt? Festival
at the ICA, Interference series at the Lux Centre, Luxsquat: irational.org
at the Lux Gallery, Tech_nicks Touring Programme, The Digital Salon and
Emerging Technologies Exhibition for the Pandaemonium Festival. She
regularly contributes to magazines which include Artforum, Contemporary,
Mute, The Wire and Res Magazine.
personal url http://www.hernoise.com

--> Taylor Nuttall is Director of Folly a Media Arts Organisation based in
Lancaster  and has been working as a new media artist exploring internet
technologies and virtual reality since 1995 showing work in VRML99 and 2000.
Taylor has actively engaged in online discussion and collaborations
including moderating the vr-art mailing list. Taylor has also helped to
co-ordinate and judge the Eurographics Web3D Games competition. Folly has
been developing a number of online and new media initiatives including
Unencoded, Lancaster Film and New Media Festival, new commissions and
residencies. During web3dart 2002 Folly hosted a live online chat to
coincide with the ICA based exhibition. More recently Folly has been setting
up a Linux based media lab called th Kitchen and hosting net art projects as
part of edit / copy / paste. A new online monthly newsletter 'In The
Kitchen' is about about to be launched to promote new media networking and
activities in the North West, UK region.

--> Melentie Pandilovski  is the Director of the Experimental Art Foundation
in Adelaide, Australia. Born in Macedonia, Melentie was the Director of the
Contemporary Art Center in Skopje for the last 4 years, and was the
initiator and Director of the Skopje Electronic Arts Fair, the first media
art manifestation in the Balkans. He also curated SEAFair 2001.  The
Experimental Art Foundation curates its exhibition program to represent new
work that expands current debates and ideas in contemporary visual art. The
EAF incorporates a gallery space, bookshop and artists studios.

If you cant view the work online there may be an partner Organisation
participating to show Web3D Art 2003, as installed lab areas, near you:

The Media Centre, The ICA London (June 2003) http://www.ica.org.uk/
Watershed, Bristol (June 2003) http://www.watershed.co.uk/
Media Lounge, Media Centre Huddersfield, UK (May-June 2003)
Folly Gallery, Lancaster, UK http://www.folly.co.uk
Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Australia http://www.eaf.asn.au/
Center of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia http://www.scca.org.mk
Ravensbourne College of Communication and Design Gallery

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