Re: [-empyre-] platonic forms..

> You create a metaphysical space rather than a poor imitation of a physical
one, yes? This is
 yes.. thankyou for putting it that way

> Or, in the work of Plato, say, Ur, the realm of the forms, possibly? In
The Timaeus by Plato, Ur
> is the realm of the forms, of 'the good' and, also, since Plato was a
Pythagorean, the
> mathematical forms.

pardon my ignorance in this area but i have i managed to get this far and
know nothing of plato...
i dont know about  UR.. the realms of the forms..? is that teh same as the
realm of the ideal?  i have coincidenly just been trying to read book 10 of
the Republic  on the effects of art and drama on society..the bit where
someone says..Socartes?  that  drama should be banned from the republic as
it confuses the masses and induced dangerous emotional states..
i have been equating virtual reality as we produce it with drama and poetry,
ie as that mimesis,  twice removed from the ideal and good of pure thoughts
and ideas, which then gets all that platonic morality attached to it..

 but  are you saying VR exits in the realm of thought, intellect and
mathematics.. ratehr than as an artistic practice// and does that mean that
all software produced the whole net , is of this higer form.. or
it exists in different realms according to its conceptual  intent?

> I was really struck with the piece in which the past, present, and future
are represented as an
> entity or shape that one can navigate around and through, and these three
"breathe as one".

i think i appropriated that concept or something similar from startrek
voyager... amazing where poetry and profundity occurs.

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