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i have visited altzero several times in the past. i recall the 3D oceanic version where you'd
swim into interactive shapes of sound. very cool. and those shapes bore relation to the earlier
3D piece on theremediproject, where you ran into circular letter hordes that were nicely
interactive also. when you grabbed them and shook em, they'd sort of boing around sonically and
visually. great fun. was that with pitch shift (rateShift) or just panning or what?

i downloaded and tried out the new compositional version. i imported a sound but couldn't figure
out how to get it into the composition. i tried to drag it hither and yon but couldn't seem to
drop it into anything. help out a poor lad here please, Anthony.

what Director Xtras, if any, are you using in this piece?

also, i wonder if you could talk about who Squid Soup is, Anthony? And is it also a business?
Who does what?


> hi
> A few comments and thoughts on our project altzero5, currently on show as
> part of lab3d at the cornerhouse, manchester, and online at
> all the best
>  -- anthony rowe
> altzero is an ongoing project that aims to explore the possibilities of
> musical composition in virtual space.  by using space as an alternative (or
> addition) to the temporal backbone of music, a piece can become 'navigable',
> or explorable - i.e. the listener is given a degree of control over how they
> hear it and what they hear.
> previous incarnations of the project have taken the form of single
> compositions, accessible online or as an installation.  with altzero5, we
> have made a tool that enables people to create and publish their own
> navigable music compositions - using their own sounds, and with control over
> playback and various spatial parameters (location, range, visual appearance
> and so on).  the tool, and various examples of what can be made with it, are
> on
> altzero is effectively a set of parameters to define sample-based musical
> composition in time and space, in a sense a 3 dimensional navigable
> recording format.
> the installation at the cornerhouse (made with electronic musicians Icarus)
> consists of a sequence of ten soundscapes, created during the first two days
> of the lab3d exhibition.  a series of soundmaking objects were placed in the
> gallery, and connected to a mixing desk using contact mic's.  the audience
> were invited to interact with the objects, and the resulting sounds were
> then sampled, and used as the raw material for Icarus' navigable music
> compositions.  they made over 50 soundscapes in that time, each a
> progression from the last. the key moments then chosen to create the final
> piece.
> so, the end result is both a musical composition and a unique record of that
> event - the sounds were made by visitors to the exhibition playing with the
> sound objects, and they were then processed and turned into the final piece.
> anthony rowe  |  squidsoup
> 59 rivington st. london ec2a 3qq UK  |  phone +44 (0)20 7729 7226  |  fax
> +44 (0)20 7613 3303
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