RE: [-empyre-] multi-perspectival / cultural hegemony of space

Not to keep on the same theme, but I want to mention that Russell I think
pointed out the space of our perception is non-euclidean - for example two
railroad tracks always meet at infinity, perspectivallyl.

Second point is that of mappings - while, say, a sphere carries a non-
euclidean geometry of geodesics, it can be embedded in euclidean space, as
hyperbolic geometry etc. can be. It's like many-valued or fuzzy logics -
they can, I believe, be embedded in classical two-valued logics. So in a
way the question is moot.

We're talking about two things - the _construct_ of the space - which at
least in blender etc. is euclidean - and the perception or experience of
the space, which need not be -

Alan -
Trace projects

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