RE: [-empyre-] multi-perspectival / cultural hegemony of space

yes, thanks adam, john seems to imply that the appeal of "oeil complex" is smoke and mirrors
'magic' that dissolves when you discern the mechanism.

whereas the appeal, to me, is elsewhere.

it doesn't diminish your appreciation of the piece to know that he is using the (x,y) components
of the mouse location to remap a square in the cartesian plane into something in polar
coordinates that has something to do with 1/(a+bi). What it does do is show an interesting
generalizable approach to remapping the cartesian plane to get very interesting spaces that
change interactively. Which, to me, only increases the appeal of the piece.

Nor, as it turns out, is Durieu the all-knowing puppet master of "oeil complex". Toward the end
of the interview with him at , he
indicates that there are things about the mapping that he is not sure about himself.

There's what's in a space and then there's the space itself. In "Oeil Complex", the space itself
is at least as interesting as what's in it.


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