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--- Alan Sondheim <> wrote:
and the micrology of the
> 'invisible' dimensions
> doesn't produce worlds we travel among opening our
> eyes to others' fresh-
> ness - another way of looking at this is our
> psychoanalytical tendency at
>tthis point to want to escape from the hell of our
> own reality -
> and to escape at a most fundamental level -

Well, this reminds me how fascinating it is how Sergei
Eisenstein invented the technique of montage through
his imaginative engagement with the famous etchings of
Piranesi, the Carcieri series, or invented prisons, in
which, as in 3d vr, a necessary reliance on Cartesian
xyz coordinates subverts itself in convoluted
'impossible' spaces that overlap and torque like fluid
avatars.  (Something on the Carcieri can be found
gratis the British Museum at
 Eisestein recalls his elation: 
?I ponder what would happen to this etching if it were
brought to a state of
ecstasy, if it were brought out of itself...ten
exposions will be enough to
?transform? ecstatically this diagram which has been
drawn in front of our
eyes...? Sergei  Eisenstein, from ?Piranesi, Or The
Fluidity of Forms? 

Note that it is the bringing out of the self, the
exstasis, that is the seminal connection to montage
from the prison series.  And this, so ironically,
since the imaginary prisons are like endlessly looping
passageways without exits, a Sartrean universe, kinda
like the 3d world, so often one that feels like a
'closed' universe of banal perspectives with
'realistic' fairies!  I like how Adam describes this
way of working, that pushes the medium of 3d itself
despite its obvious dumb qualities....moves it beyond
'itself' , beyond the prison of itself, and thereby
when we use it and make it we move too, radically and

 But this brings it to the point that I clumsily tried
to make in my
> introduction, which is that I'm not interested at
all in how web3D 
can be
> used to represent the physical world, or visual
perceptions thereof. 
> interested in the 3D medium itself, which, although
it is clearly 
based on
> the cartesian paradigm, does a piss poor job of
representing it, 
let's be
> honest :-) I much prefer exploring the properties of
the space itself 
> there is no gravity unless you assign it, no up or
down unless you 
> it, no here or there unless you assign it, and so

I had the pleasure of making, last year, a series of
worlds based on Piranesi and Eisenstein with Shane
Carroll which was first shown at the ICA in 2002 in
the Convergence show curated by Stanza (along with
Squid Soup) for Cybersonica...Shane and I have parked
"Piranesia" at
within a suite called "Paratopias" , if you want to
explore. Piranesia is a 3D iscape based on a play of
recursions, entropy, fragments and explosions that
become interactive fugues.   Within, there are four
fugues, formally interlinked, and named for their
digital keyboard sources--redrush, salt, memphis,
paradise. The last, drag+drop, allows you to drop in
image or sound files from your desktop, but you cant
get them out.  They are trapped in a labile, mobile
prison.  Moving transparentscreens morph at mousetouch
into doors, walls, passages, and streets.   The intent
is a robotics of sound and sight by which to explore
recursive and progressive explosions. 

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