Re: [-empyre-] multi-perspectival / cultural hegemony of space

Adam Nash wrote:

> >surely if we could all cope with 9 dimensions there would be a group of
> >scientists who would suggest a tenth or a 99th.
> Yes, but let's not forget that scientists don't make suggestions; rather
> they produce theories that are theoretically testable, and that the two
> basic criteria of empirical science are that it makes predictions and can
> be falsified. There's a big difference between me saying "I think there are
> 99 dimensions" and a physicist saying the same thing based on research.

well actually i think they do make suggestions. thats what a theory is,
it becomes fact when it can't be falsified, but even then it is still a
suggestion as a fact is really nothing more than a theory that can't be
falsified at this particular point in time.


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