RE: [-empyre-] multi-perspectival / cultural hegemony of space

> I would like to say that the issue virtual reality interests me a lot
> because I am working with architecture of information, the 'Museum of the
> Essential and Beyond"  is my attempt to create a creative interface - a
> simulation of a contemporary and virtual museum dedicated to new media arts.
> For now I am working only with dreamweaver, flash and photoshop, but I am
> very interested about softwares of virtual reality. I have had problems to
> open the majority of the sites which have been mentioned here because my
> windows is XP. Any suggestion? What do you think about Adobe Atmosphere?

Hi Regina,

I am running Windows 98, so it may be different, but I found the Cosmo Player VRML plugin works
when I run Netscape 4.78. is where you can download and
install a 4.x Netscape browser. And then you should install the Cosmo plugin from .

Or do you already have Netscape 4.x?

Perhaps those more in the know about this can verify/correct me on this.


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